WorkSpace Commerce: Changing the Status Quo in Co-working

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Jeff Bezos, the Amazon mogul once said: “If you build a great experience, customers tell each other about. Word of mouth is very powerful.” Customers are the essence of almost every business. The co-working industry is all about customers. A co-working space’s success is measured by the satisfaction of the tenants, and when tenants are happy, it circulates within their networks.

When we founded WorkSpace Commerce, our model was not about acquiring the highest number of tenants and visitors, our model was to build a network of people who interact within a global community called WorkSpace Commerce. And we have been quite successful in building long-lasting relationships and partnerships with our community members.

Last month, one of our Shanghai tenants, Luna, was featured in an interview talking about her journey as an entrepreneur and how WorkSpace Commerce was a catalyst to the success of her business. In her interview, Luna said: “I think at the bigger co-working brands you just wouldn’t get this very human feel. Part of emotional well-being is the sense of belonging, which I really feel here. Also, being a fitness oriented workspace, there are companies that overlap with your industry; well-being, fitness etc., so resource sharing is very easy.” Luna is currently providing her mindfulness and mental focus workshops in our premises in Shanghai on a regular basis.

When we started working, one of our top priorities was to create an atmosphere that nurtures creativity. A place where people can network, find their next potential client, and grow their business. In London, we have invited several business entrepreneurs and business influential coaches from the local community in Haringey during our launch event to experience the atmosphere of the Hale facility for themselves. One of our guests, was the talented photographer from the council of Haringey, Henrietta Garden, owner of Henrietta Photography, one of the prominent photographers in the Haringey area. Henrietta was fascinated by the space, she described it as: “an amazing place – buzzy, airy hip and cool. The perfect place for anyone who runs their own business but who would rather be around other like-minded inspiring people – plus it’s a fraction of the cost of anywhere else in London!”

The essence of our work and what makes us leap towards our goal is our approach. When it comes to co-working, we do not give our members the physical structure (hot desks, meeting rooms, etc.), we focus more on the human relationship, the support, and the commitment towards growing our tenants’ business and personal skills. And that’s why we are already changing the status quo in the business!

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