Women Entrepreneurs: The Fuel of the Future

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We had a fully packed evening at our Shanghai premises, filled with inspiration, success and motivation all part of the “Women Who Launch China” workshop.

It’s no secret that women entrepreneurs are a key factor in the growth of the global economy. It has been one of our top priorities to support them in every possible way through the different events we hold, as well as providing channels for our women entrepreneur members to grow their businesses.

Growing your business as a female entrepreneur requires a mixture of different policies. You should have access to the right kind of resources that will enable you to learn more about the market you are in. It is also essential to surround yourself with fellow women entrepreneurs who can add a great value to your brand/business. Presenting your business in the right manner is important. How to inform people of what you do and what service you are providing is crucial to growing your business.

We are always working on promoting events like “Women Who Launch China” as we believe it is a great way for every female entrepreneur to express herself, share journeys and educate other female entrepreneurs.

Caroline, the event organizer, added: “Around 80-90% of the start-up’s founders are men, but if you look at the universities, there are equal girls and boys. In some countries there are more girls studying than boys, but for some reason girls don’t choose to start their own business as a career choice. Maybe it’s because when we are young we are taught to be careful and don’t take unnecessary risks while boys are encouraged to take more risks. I also feel that once a woman has become a successful entrepreneur or business woman that work a lot and who have kids, are most likely labelled of being a bad mum, while a man won’t necessary get a label of being a bad dad if he works a lot. That was the purpose with the event – For women to connect, get inspired and support each other because I do believe that when women support each other incredible things happens. And not only women, but when people support each other more incredible things happens :)”.

There is a big number of female entrepreneurs who have already contributed to the economic growth in their communities. These women are creating jobs and opportunities for others. Louise Barnacle founded her business after realizing she wants to be her own boss. She is now a coach inspiring other women in her community working with the giant beauty company Forever Living. She was UK’s winner of “Biggest Business % Growth Award” in 2014, and we were fortunate enough to host one of her team gatherings at our facility in London.

Forbes magazine published an article discussing the impact of women entrepreneurs on the economy detailing the challenges they face. It also added that women entrepreneurs are now having more accessible resources to start their new businesses, they have more financial options, better mentorship programs, skill development courses and more.

With the above put into consideration, comes part of our vision, to become a platform where women entrepreneurs can advocate their business and brands and influence each other to help their communities grow.

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