Why Networking Matters in Coworking?!

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The renowned magazine, Entrepreneur defined the word “Networking” as: “Developing and using contacts made in business for purposes beyond the reason for the initial contact. For example, a sales representative may ask a customer for names of others who may be interested in his product.

Networking events are meant to build communication channels between different people. Most entrepreneurs and start-ups are the ideal audience for such events. Networking is the key to building essential skills any entrepreneur can have. Meeting other influential members of the community is also key to growing the business.

Every month, we hold networking events for our members and visitors in London and Shanghai. The events are diverse covering different sectors, from well-being to business skills. These events are all about being proactive. Allowing us to grow our community on one hand, and on the other hand, positions us as an active organization within the communities we are located in, making us an entity that goes beyond providing a hot desk or a shared office.

This month, we held a networking event in our London facility. In partnership with North London Chambers of Commerce and Enterprise (NLCCE), the “Connect North London” event will be a monthly networking event open to our members and visitors. A great opportunity for professionals from the community to get active, mingle with likeminded professionals, keep in touch with potential contacts who will help them in growing their business. The event was attended by Mr. Anthony Charles, one of the prominent business coaches in Haringey.

In Shanghai, we are always on a busy schedule when it comes to networking events. From mindfulness workshops, to business skills ones in collaboration with MOTIVATE Shanghai, to Waffle Day gatherings and more. Our family in Shanghai have boosted their business within our community. We also held a coaching workshop conducted by a speaker from TEDxPuxi and the Rotary Young Leaders Association (RYLA).

WorkSpace Commerce has been founded by a group of serial entrepreneurs, so our head is fully in the game, and we fully understand what entrepreneurs and start-ups are looking for. Hence, we have been a preference to these two categories specifically when signing up with us. Our events are important to our tenants and visitors, they help them build confidence, benefit from new ideas, socialise, and meet new people who can boost your career.

Our members are mostly young entrepreneurs, that is why we provide different benefits when it comes to coworking. And as Mr. Panny Lawrence, our CIO, explained it: “With most new businesses, location is quite important, but it [also] depends on what you are doing. For us, we look at price point, what need is unfulfilled in the area and how we can address that need; then the location fits into the equation. Like any entrepreneur and any new business, we are always open for change and seeking ways to work within a community’s potential.”

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