Why I Ditched the Coffee Shops for WSC

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Are you a freelancer, part timer or a project-based professional, like me, who prefers working in a coffee shop rather than from home? Especially when there is Netflix in the house, trust me, you won’t get things done!

I have worked in coffee shops multiple times. Plus points: Good coffee, (usually free) Wi-Fi access, comfortable interiors and a caffeinated-charged atmosphere that motivates you to plug-in and work. But after the fifth time, the honeymoon period was quickly over! You don’t enjoy the place’s Wi-Fi connection as more and more people come in during the day and especially when one of these coffee shop regulars decides to hijack the connection to watch the last available episode of Game of Thrones! Not cool right! And it doesn’t stop there! For me, an incurable coffee addict, not having a coffee refill ranks as a major world problem! Here I am, trying to work on meeting my deadline, zoning out against all the noise and I am down to my last sip…I get up, queue and buy coffee. Get up, queue and buy coffee. This goes on repeat until either I have maxed out my coffee allowance for the day or have finish work…

After weeks of unproductive work hours and countless coffee receipts later, I decided to ditch the coffee shop and book myself a hot desk in a co-working place.

It didn’t take long to know that co-working ticks all the boxes for me. At WSC, I discovered it goes way beyond a coffee shop and a work space!

Free Coffee and Drinks!

I think I’ve established at the beginning of this blog post that I love coffee! So, free coffee for me is a bonus; but free, great coffee is heaven. At WSC, apart from the free coffee and regular drinks, there is a communal area where members can share cakes, waffles, lunch, and more. There is free-flow exchange of ideas and smart conversation that doesn’t cost anything. Think of it as an MBA class housed inside a cool coffee shop set-up with a great fraternity attitude and networking opportunity.

Nutella Breakfasts: Truth and Not a Myth

At WSC, you get a free Nutella breakfast to charge your day! And if you are not a Nutella lover, there are fresh fruits up-for-grabs anytime from the communal area. A healthy balance of the mind and body starts with a good breakfast to support you throughout the rest of the day!

Great Events Free for Members!

Unique in content with recognized leaders in their fields as speakers, the diversity of events WSC offers is a cut above the rest. In their Shanghai location, they recently held a well-being and arts fair in November and there will be on-going motivational seminars in partnership with MOTIVATE Shanghai; the city’s go-to group for those seeking coaching and training solutions. WSC in Shanghai is also fast becoming the buzz word for hosting entrepreneurial events geared for women through their “Women Who Launch China” event. A tango competition was also held catering to kids.

WSC goes beyond simply offering the basic services any co-working space provides. The quality of their facilities and the range of their services treat their members as King of the World. It is about helping us meet our deadlines and accomplish our tasks in the most efficient way possible, in an environment that nurtures professional growth and promotes openness and creativity. At WSC, I am here to stay.

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