The Work-Life Balance Concept, a Relevant and Profitable Value Proposition

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One of the key value propositions of our Shanghai facility is our open office layout that allows access to a fully-functioning fitness center. WorkSpace Commerce in Shanghai enables professionals to achieve a healthy work-life balance.

Putting this concept into an initiative, we held five workshops in collaboration with MOTIVATE Shanghai this August. MOTIVATE Shanghai is collaborative community which aims to provide regular growth focused events, coaching and training opportunities to support both Chinese and Expat communities in Shanghai. In particular, their workshops this month discussed different themes: Learning from Failure, Balancing Flexibility at Work and LinkedIn Engagement to name a few.

Workshops and life coaching have grown enormously popular over the last decade. In a fast-paced world, especially in a cosmopolitan city like Shanghai, people need motivation and advice on how to balance work and life to minimize daily stress as well as self-development. MOTIVATE Shanghai was founded early 2013 to fill in a gap for a collaborative support system providing personal professional development.

We provide our members and guests with a boutique range of services, which include hosting inspiring and useful workshops conducted by certified trainers and coaches across a diverse range of topics that bring together well-educated communities of locals and internationals alike. Identifying this synergy herself, Miss Henar Shana of MOTIVATE Shanghai says, “Many attendees of our workshops have the ambition to bring value to society and to become freelancers or entrepreneurs. At the same time that our members understand the potential of co-working spaces, our workshops in return, offer WorkSpace Commerce’s members a source of motivation, inspiration and knowledge too. We both aspire to enrich and to enlarge our community.”

China’s co-working landscape is intensely competitive but homogeneous.  WorkSpace Commerce is always working to maximize the unique positioning of our facility in Shanghai through offering value-added services to our members as critical to our membership growth and retention.

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