The Nutella Breakfast Strategy: WorkSpace Commerce’s Latest Differentiator

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With the rise of the co-working industry, the number of members keeps on skyrocketing reaching up to 1,180,000 in 2017 so far. The number of co-working spaces and shared offices is growing globally, the competition is increasing. At WorkSpace Commerce, we offer Nutella breakfasts together in our pantry, share strategy chats over coffee and welcome all kinds of entrepreneurs to host their events in our premises. We think differently as we provide our current and potential members with different services that not only offers a productive space, but an opportunity to nurture their own brand and grow their businesses.

At WorkSpace Commerce, we extend our services into a much more humane approach. We see our members as our partners and co-workers, not just members who come to rent a desk.

The supply of flexible workspace has increased rapidly, especially in the last years (growing at ~25%) as per a report published by The Instant Group. As per the report, “According to the Flexible Workspace Review – UK 2016, the total number of business centres offering flexible workspace grew by 11% across the UK in 2015/16 and now totals 3,290 centres (including co-working specific spaces).”

With full occupancy in our Shanghai facility, we are extending our space into an entire extra floor to be able to accommodate new members. Additionally, The Hale facility in North London is eager to welcome not only entrepreneurs, but students as part of our Student Program Outreach. These are some of the simplest but important reasons why members choose to work at a WorkSpace Commerce facility. And this is why a co-working facility powered by the WorkSpace Commerce brand is a cut above the competition.

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