The Elixir of Success by Anthony Charles

No matter how many seminars, inspirational talks you attend, the elixir to success remains the same, making sure you always give it everything you have.

I heard once this great story that really inspired me and I would like to share it with you.

A young boy wanted to know the secret of success, so after constantly asking his parents how to become successful; the young boy was sent to seek the answer from a wise old man from his village. The boy found the wise old man on a beach, sitting on a rock, staring out towards the sea. After a long time of asking about success and being ignored by the wise old man, the young boy became more persistent and began to besiege the wise man. “Please, please wise man I really want to know the secret to success.” The old man asked him: “are you sure you are ready to know?” The young boy assured the wise man he wanted to know the secret.

The wise man took the boy by the hand and led him into the sea, until the sea reached his shoulders and suddenly without any warnings, the wise man started pushing the boy under the water!

The boy struggled to break free from the grip of the wise man; he finally did it and staggered back to the beach, where the wise old man helped him to revive.

The boy asked the wise man “Why were you trying to kill me, all I wanted to know was the secret of success? The wise old man replied; “When you were under the water, what did you want most of all?” The young boy replied, “I wanted to break free.” The wise man asked, “Did you give much of yourself?” The young boy replied “I gave everything I had.” The wise man said, “Any dream, any goal or aspiration you begin to pursue in life will take real work, make sure you always give it everything you have, and you will be successful, for it is not what you gain from chasing your goals, but what you become during the journey; the struggle will make you strong.”

Sometimes, all you need is a bit of your own strength. A power that is already within you, but you needed a motive to unleash it. If you are ready to chase your goals and make them happen, take a leap of faith in your power, and you will make it happen.

Stay positive, stay focused and live your dreams.

Anthony Charles

This article was originally published in Choices Magazine. For original link, click here.

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