The Culture of Well-being and Arts: The New Wave of Entrepreneurs

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We are witnessing a peak, a revolution, we would like to call it, of workers/employees quitting their 9 to 6 jobs and heading to start their own business. In light of the changes the world is witnessing, there has been a new wave of entrepreneurs who specialize in wellness and arts. The impact of arts and wellness has been increasing in the last five years. There is a need for people to find a way to release the daily life stress and find an outlet for any negative energy that is accumulated inside them.

We were thrilled to see this mirrored in one of our events this month where we held our first Well-being and Arts fair. The event is a gathering of different arts and wellness workshops which included some exercises and motivational speeches. Arts and wellness are somehow connected to your ability to unleash your creativity that goes hand in hand with your mental and physical wellness. The balance between both is a lifestyle that we have been advocating since the launch of our two premises. We have been holding diverse events that motivate our members and guests to have the work-life balance factor in everything they do.

This new wave of entrepreneurs can be mistaken by some as a trend that will fade away, but when we look deeper into it, this is becoming a regular necessity in communities. People are changing their ways of living, wellness (for example) is becoming a need in some societies. Wellness and arts entrepreneurship is perceived as an innovation in humankind, we need more entrepreneurs in these two fields because wellness in specific is becoming a priority for almost everyone.

Our commitment to wellness and arts entrepreneurship started when we launched our brand. Our five-year plan includes co-working spaces that come with partnerships with fitness centres. We provide our members with fresh fruits and discounts to healthy eating diners around their area. We want to promote a healthy lifestyle, a space where you can maintain stability of the body and mind.

We believe that all entrepreneurs contribute to their communities. We are open to every entrepreneur with a dream, whether they are specialised in business, arts, wellness or any other field. We are a social space who are aiming to affect the communities we launch on a large scale.

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