The Suited Monk: Find Your True Path in Life

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The Suited Monk author, Raf Adams, is giving a great workshop this month at our Shanghai premises in collaboration with MOTIVATE Shanghai. A great workshop where you will receive a FREE Gap assessment on how happy you are! Join us on the 31st of January!

The Elixir of Success by Anthony Charles

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No matter how many seminars, inspirational talks you attend, the elixir to success remains the same, making sure you always give it everything you have. I heard once this great story that really inspired me and I would like to share it with you. A young boy wanted to know the secret of success, so after [...]

Information Security Seminar

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Cyber attackes are the new threat. At our London office, we held a workshop with an auditor from Arhont Information Security who shared with us techniques to help secure your business. The workshop included explanation on tactics that hackers use when hacking emails.


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