Cloud Technology is the New Asset for Co-working

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More than a decade ago, companies used to have these big rooms to have their servers to save all their data. When cloud technology was introduced to the world, a revolution in the world of apps has been introduced. To make things simpler, cloud technology is “the delivery of computing services—servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics and more—over the Internet (“the cloud”)” so instead of having a physical server to save the data, it is done virtually on the internet.

It has proven to be an extremely cost-effective solution for SMEs and start-ups pursuing a success in the world of app development.

The cloud has allowed companies to develop their businesses and it empowered the growth specifically of small businesses. This technology helped and is still helping companies create opportunities and expand their potential.

For SMEs and start-ups, reducing the cost is essential at the start of the business. The cloud can be the new buddy for co-working spaces. Storing the data and software plus reducing the cost of renting a whole office, are reasons why start-ups and business in the tech field are booming.

At Workspace Commerce, we have managed to provide full services for companies with that line of business. Most co-working spaces would only promote one or two factors like proximity to metro station or free items, but for us, it was our target to have differentiators where we provide services and resources that helps our members to grow their business and not just maintain them.

We want our members to work faster and smarter, thus our work space is an open collaborative one. It is our job to empower the members by providing them with the latest technologies they can utilise to help their brands grow.

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