Afternoon Delight after Work at The Hale for Forever Living Business Owners

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A group from the global health company Forever Living, the largest grower, manufacturer and distributor of Aloe Vera products in the world held a productive training session at The Hale, in North London last Thursday on June 15th. Founded in the United States, Forever Living is a 30 year old multi-billion dollar company with networks in over 145 countries and over 9.5 million distributors sharing the health benefits of quality and ethically sourced Aloe Vera products globally. Supported by testimonials, their multi-level-marketing system has also churned untold financial profits for thousands around the world having joined the Forever Living Business Owners network.

Headed by Miss Louise Barnacle, her team of 11 enterprising self-employed women enjoyed a motivating goal-setting session in one of our private rooms, complete with AV equipment, huge, comfortable seating and all day refreshments.

Miss Barnacle further comments, “I’m always looking for great work spaces to conduct team strategy and training meetings as these get-togethers are crucial for personal and business development amongst self-employed people. The Hale facilities and surroundings are perfect. Ordinarily we use function rooms for our meetings, but these can often be noisy, the service too casual and the facilities of poor standard – to be in a building like The Hale creates the perfect work environment with a creative ambience. I look forward to these rolling out in more locations”.

Forever Living is helping people live in a way that they never dreamed possible. The Forever opportunity allows people to be in business for themselves, but not by themselves, providing the tools, inspiration and leadership that they need to reach their goals. With WorkSpace Commerce, we are in the business of providing groups such as the Forever Business Owners, with the right space that suit their team size and needs.

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