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WSC is a social enterprise founded to fill the major gap in the entrepreneurship ecosystem across the UK, and other parts of the world.  We aim to create an efficient way to doing business and daily living through resources offered within a shared economy business model. We provide physical and social infrastructure for entrepreneurs, SMEs, freelancers, and individual professionals to conveniently access a customizable pool of resources enabling them to achieve their professional goals within contractually flexible terms and affordable packages.

Whether they are co-working spaces, co-living quarters or scalable serviced-offices, our products cover a range of bespoke commercial properties to suit individuals or entities at various stages of their growth cycle. We identify gaps within markets and work on offering key product and service differentiators that will be unique to each of our locations. Through carefully-curated networking experiences, we aim to create and sustain a vibrant community within our premises. Most importantly, WSC has resident entrepreneurs who are experienced in building companies and actively provide mentorship to members.


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